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    Literacy Forum/Literay Forum Activities

Literacy Forum Activities:

The Literacy Forum has held a lot of meetings and sessions with national and international agencies.

The Forum, in one of its meeting was addressed by Secretary for Literacy & Non-Formal Basic Education Department of the Punjab.He lauded to formation and promised cooperation and support.

Mr Asif Tarar EDO(Executive District Officer) Literacy & Non Formal Basic Education, Lahore was welcomed by TLF members at the meeting. He appreciated the formation of TLF and said that he would avail of its cooperation and support in the planning and implementation of literacy programme.

Action Aid representative Mr. Irfan Hote made a presentation about Action Aid's Activities and programme. He also highlighted the Women Centres in four districts of Punjab Different activities related to women issues and their empowerment have been introduced in these cerntres ca;;ed WOMEN CENTRES.He also offered to show these centres to TLF members especially in Bhakar and Layya.

NCHD representatives made a detailed presentation of their programmes in one of the meetings.

Abstracts From UNESCO Newsletter :

Primary Education : Millions of children around the world are deorived of the right to education.

Result : One out of the three children never see inside of a classroom. UNESCO works with national governments and development and partners to achieve universal  free primary education and gender equality  by 2015.

Literacy : In today 's world, one in five adults is still not literate(two-thirds of them women) while 75 million children are out of school.

Since its foundation in 1946, UNESCO has been at the fore-front of global literacy efforts and is dedicated to keep literacy high on national,region and international agendas. However with some 774 million adults lacking minimum literacy skills,Literacy for all remains an elusive target.


Why Literacy  Important ?

Literacy is a human right, a tool of personal empowerment and means for social and human development.Education opportunities depend on literacy

Literacy is at the heart of basic education for all, and essential for eradication poverty,reduce the child mortality,curbing population growth, achieving gender equality and ensuring sustainable development,peace and democracy.

There are good reasons why literacy is the core of Education for All(EFA). A good Quality  basic education equips with pupils with skills for life and further learning; Literate parents are  more likely to send their children to school;Literate people are better able to access continuing education opportunities; and literate societies are better geared to meet pressing development challenges.

International Literacy Day September 2008.

Literacy and NFBE Department of the Pujnab organized the following schedule on International Literacy Dat/Week (8th to 13th September 2008) in collaboration with leading literacy NGOs. The main Purpose of these events was to create awarencess among all Stakholders regarding Literacy and EFA.

The detail of the activities for celebrations of literacy week in district Lahore is as under.

Function Date Organizer 's Name Venue,Time,Activities Chief Guest
Day One,
8th Sep. 2008
Office of the Executive District officer (Literacy)CDGL Jinanah Hall,
11 a.m to 2.00pm,
Plays,Speeches,poems competition.
The worthy District Coordination offices,Lahore
Day Two,
9th Sep. 2008
Office of the Executive District Officer (Literacy) CDGL and PACADE. Quaid e Azam Library 10:00 Am workshop The Worthy Secretary Literacy
Day Three,
10th Sep. 2008
Office of the Executive District officer (Literacy)CDGL.
Association of Network for Community Empowerment.
Help & Development. Programme organization.
Health Welfare Association.
Office of the UC Nazim 124.(Sultankay)
Ch. Gulzar Ahmed Workshop
Madam Shaheen Attiq-ur-Rehman
(Ex. minister Social Welfare and Literacy)
Day Four ,
12th Sep. 2008
Office of the Executive District officer (Literacy)CDGL
Anhuman Ikhwan-e-Islam
Iklwan-e-Islam Barki Auditorium The Worthy Secretary Literacy

Overall Theme: Achieving EFA Goals

Objectives Of The Celebrations of International Literacy Day/Week

  1. To participate in the celebration of International Literacy Day/Week (ILD) from 8th Sep. 2008 to 13 Sep. 2008.
  2. To Promote the exchange of experiences in basic education and in life long learning.
  3. To identify effective community -based approaches fir basic education and lifelong learning to reach EFA goals.
  4. To develop strategies and activities as follow -up to the Dakar Framework of Action for the promotion and strengthening of community-based basic education and lifelong learning.
  5. To Develop Strategies for strengthening the existing mechanisms for EFA at regional level.
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