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   A Word About Pacade

President PACADE
PACADE president a former federal secretary and ExAmbassador. He was the first Chairman of the National Commission for Literacy and Mass Education.He has been an active participant in UNESCO conferences held in Hamburg, Melbourne, Tokyo and Bangkok as also in the ICAE, ASPBAE and Civicus World Assemblies.

PACADE supporters (during the last many years) include TVO, ASPBAE, UNESCO, NFUAJ, Japanese Embassy, Infaq Foundation, Unicef, Action Aid and many private donors.

He has been involved with environment education and was invited by the World Bank (EDI) to contribute a country paper on the subject and to participate in a number of workshops in India and Nepal.

Who We Are
  PACADE Vision

1. To work for a literate Pakistan and      for Education for All.

2. To popularize the concept and     practice of continuing education
with a view to upgrading Pakistan     society and accelerating     development

  PACADE Mission
1.  To promote the cause of literacy      and EFA in Pakistan.

2.  To focus on the spread of female      literacy especially in rural areas.

3.  To bring about a change for the      better in the thinking and behavior      of youth and adult illiterates in      Pakistan through literacy,      awareness raising, life and income      generation skills.
4.   To undertake research, test       methodologies and prepare       reading material.

5.  To help Government implement EFA      National plan of Action and pursue      the Dakar goals and UNLD      objectives.

6. To Network with NGOS with a view to     sharing experiences and     strengthening their capacity.

7.  To hold conferences, workshops      and seminars on EFA and      continuing education.

8.  To undertake programmes of      publications including Newsletters      and Magazines.

9.   Lobbying with the Govt. and      International agencies.

10. To represent Pakistan nationally       and internationally (at ICAE,       ASPABE, CIVICUS, LANGOS and       other international NGOs

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